Customized One-to-One Private Lessons

The Henhouse – My Shop!

Here’s the basic info:

2-12 hours over selected weekends

$75 per hour

Your choice of project and how to proceed: do the work yourself, have me assist you, or use my services only


Starting November 2022, I will be offering private one-to-one lessons one weekend a month! Because the Henhouse is so small, I can’t logistically fit an entire class, but I CAN fit one student and myself at a time!

I am offering lessons that are variable in time, from 2-12 hours. Each lesson will be custom-designed for each student and your project and goals.

Before the lesson even starts, I will communicate with you and let you know what you can do ahead of your lesson to make the best of your time with me. I want to honor your goals and pocketbook by offering time that is smartly-spent working toward those goals, whatever they may be.

During our time in the shop, we can work on almost anything you’d like, keeping in mind the size of your project versus the shop, and the amount of time you’d like to spend in there with me. During this time, you can also pick my brain about all things upholstery, or any other similar topic. In addition, if your goal is to finish a special piece, and you just want a hand in it, you are essentially “renting” my services during that time, and I can work on the piece either with you or FOR you!

You can opt to choose 2 hours or up to 12 hours over those two days – the choice is yours! (Up to 6 hours each day.) For those with shorter time slots, I’ll have multiple slots in each date available. If you sign up, we’ll discuss ahead of time what you’d like to accomplish during your time, and I’ll be able to make a recommendation for how much time you might need. Alternatively, you can tell me how many hours you’d like, and I can make suggestions for appropriate projects to bring, or tell you what we can do in that time with the project you have.

Maybe you want to learn the basics. Perhaps you have a special piece you’ve always wanted to get reupholstered. Or, maybe you want to learn upholstery bit-by-bit, by learning with an instructor, going home and practicing, and coming back another month to continue – the choice is yours!

Basic upholstery supplies are included in the lesson fee, as well as full use of the shop and tools. You will supply your own fabric, and if you need new foam, that can be purchased during our time. For all this, it is $75 per hour – your choice of project and what/how we proceed!

I’m so excited to be starting up this new adventure, and I can’t wait to have you join me! What kinds of questions can I answer? Who will I have the pleasure of working with soon??

Runs $75 per hour, and you decide what to work on!

Interested? Send me an email!