A Tropical Tale

Before and after!

This very cool wooden rocking settee once belonged to client Suzan’s former mother in law. It originally had a very busy, very 60’s print on it, along with a skirt.

However, by the time Suzan acquired it, it had a different fabric on the seat, springs were missing, one had been replaced by another spring that was completely different from the rest and ill-fitting, and the skirt was gone.
She loved the settee and its gentle rocking with the slight wooden creaks as it moved, so she tossed some outdoor cushions on the back and called it good.

Cue to current day: Suzan was thinking about making a move, and she wanted the settee to come along for the ride, wherever that may be. She contacted me, and we started to unpack the vision she had…

Blues, she said. Teal, to be exact. I pulled out the plentiful books with the popular color, and we began a search. It quickly became apparent that the solids and simple textures were not enough for Suzan’s tastes, so I pulled out one of the Greenhouse Fabrics vignette books with the beautiful combinations of patterns and solids.

Almost before either of us knew what was going on, Suzan’s eyes fell on things altogether lovely, altogether beautiful, altogether… completely not what we had been looking for!

Her eyes had been drawn, almost irresistibly, to the undeniably provocative call of the tropics. A beautiful textured fabric called Watermelon had been perfectly paired with a floral linen aptly name Island Green, and her mind was made up. Completely decided. Teal was forgotten, and been usurped by this come-hither combination. Her heart wouldn’t consider any others. Her breath had been taken.

Her new home still in limbo, but a gorgeous settee waiting in the wings, Suzan’s future space will be looking bright with this little isle in the midst of even the dreariest of Minnesota months.

Joyfully yours,