There’s a Post, Here’s a Post?

Okay, so I’ve been thinking about how I actually want to set up this webpage.  Part of me says, “Lindsay, be business-minded.  Put all your services offered and leave it at that.”  The other part of me says, “No way!  That’s not FUN!” So, I think I’d like to see if I can include ya’ll a bit more.  I’m thinking posts of current projects, furniture I’m thinking about, maybe even a “how-to” once in a while… and PICTURES! Always pictures!  ‘Cuz what’s fun about just a bunch of words about how something LOOKS?  Eyeballs up here, Missy!

I’ll start with one of the projects that got me the most excited. This was a fabulous set of chairs that belonged to a friend of mine, who had inherited them from her grandmother. My friend (a beautiful soul who was willing to take a chance with this newbie!) had picked out an equally fabulous nubby teal fabric to use! (You might as well know now, teal and aqua are my favorite colors, so plan to see it around here, a lot!) Meet Charlie: DSC05336

Charlie’s the dog, not the chair.

Let’s call the chair Charlie, anyway!  So then.. here’s Lucy:


Ha! You see what I did there? Charlie and Lucy?  Heehee… erm… ahem… Anyway, I was so excited to start, I forgot to snap a pic of Lucy before I took the legs off.  (And I just noticed you can totally see some of my other projects in the works in the background!  Stay tuned for updates on those!)  Charlie and Lucy had been loved very much, but they needed some new fabric and foam to usher them into the newest generation.

Wanna see them now? Heeeeeeeers… CHARLIE!


And here’s Lucy! (Including her legs!)


In reality, they’re the same color, but I told you I hadn’t entirely figured out this tech thing!  Want one last look of them side-by-side? (Because I know you’re totally scrolling up and down and up and down!)

PicMonkey Collage 4PicMonkey Collage 5That’s some good Mid-Century Modern right there, folks.  Good stuff!


10 thoughts on “There’s a Post, Here’s a Post?

  1. They look wonderful! I have a pair of cool chairs from an uncle, originally clad in Aqua. I’ll try to send pics. I’ll need your help naming them & figuring out how to rehab them. This is where I wish we lived closer so I could just drop them off & pay you to give them new life! Of course, keeping them clad in Aqua!


  2. Very cool. I love the name, the artwork, your words, and what you do! The after chairs are gorgeous. Your name is now imprinted in my brain if/when I need something reupholstered ;).


  3. Wow Lindsay those are beautiful! Guess what? I own two identical Charlie chairs in original orange vinyl that my 90 year old mom gave me!! Okay, gave me to reupholster but I work in environmental science, not yet an upholsterer. Not even an upholsterers’ apprentice, but I’m open to it. I’m getting closer to tear down day on them but they’re in my garage in LA and I’m in Elk River, MN for a few months on a special project. Do you have more pictures of your “Charlie and Lucy” chairs I can see please!!
    Carlos from LA


    1. That’s amazing! I loved those chairs! Unfortunately, because they were literally my first client pieces EVER, I didn’t take many photos of the actual process. Too busy thinking, I guess. 😉


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